Reviewing an academic text: what it is and how to do it

The review of an academic text is the last stage that scientific works go through. As in other types of text, in academics, it is necessary to make sure that spelling errors, concordance and incoherent passages have not escaped. In addition, this group of textual genres needs to meet very specific criteria, such as norm, formatting and structure. We will talk about them later.

Who can revise an academic text?

We know that reviewers usually come from the areas of Literature and Journalism. An article was provided by  pay someone to write my paper . If you liked an article give them a look! However, training in these areas is not enough. A professional proofreader will accumulate knowledge and gain experience only after a few years of work. These professionals are trained to deal with the language, therefore, they can and should be sought out whenever the revision of an academic text is needed.

It is worth mentioning that there is a specialty of the review that can also be interesting: the technical review. The technical reviewer is an expert in the area worked on. Thus, it is able to diagnose content and reasoning problems. However, not all of them are able to deal with the textual part.

How to revise an academic text

The review of an academic text begins with planning. In fact, this is true for any textual production, but it is especially important in this case.

Therefore, planning a text before starting to produce it guarantees that we will not leave the proposed theme or genre. It also reduces the chances that we will stand still at a certain point, without being able to move forward. Following a plan is essential to avoid repeating and contradicting ourselves.

After planning and production, the review finally arrives. In this article, we will propose a method for revising academic texts. Its basis is the three As: adaptation to gender, adaptation to language and adaptation to standards. Below, we will talk about each one in detail. Check out!

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